Closure / Continuation


Closure / ContinuationStudio AlbumsCLOSURE / CONTINUATION. Tracklist Harridan Of The New Day Rats Return Dignity Herd Culling Walk The Plank Chimera’s Wreck Bonus Tracks 1. Population Three 2. Never Have 3. Love In The Past TenseCLOSURE / CONTINUATION Produced and performed by Porcupine Tree: Richard Barbieri, Gavin Harrison, Steven Wilson Mixed by Steven Wilson. Drums mixed by Gavin Harrison. Additional … Read More

The Incident


The IncidentStudio AlbumsThe Incident is the tenth studio album by Porcupine Tree. It was released as double album on 14 September 2009 by Roadrunner Records. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album and reached the Top 25 on both the US and UK album charts.The concept of The Incident emerged as Steven Wilson was … Read More

Fear of a Blank Planet


Fear of a Blank PlanetStudio AlbumsFear of a Blank Planet is the ninth studio album by Porcupine Tree. The concept of the album was heavily influenced by Bret Easton Ellis’ novel Lunar Park.The lyrics deal with two typical neurobehavioural developmental disorders affecting teenagers in the 21st century: bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder, and also with other common behaviour tendencies … Read More



DeadwingStudio AlbumsDeadwing is the eighth studio album by Porcupine Tree, released on 28 March 2005. The album is based on a screenplay written by Steven Wilson and Mike Bennion, and is essentially a ghost story. Wilson had expressed the intention to eventually have this film script made into a movie.The album produced two singles, “Shallow” and “Lazarus”. The album also … Read More

In Absentia


In AbsentiaStudio AlbumsIn Absentia is the seventh studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released on 24 September 2002. The album marked several changes for the band, with it being the first with new drummer Gavin Harrison and the first to move into a more heavy metal and progressive metal direction, contrary to past albums’ psychedelic and pop rock sounds.While not … Read More

Lightbulb Sun


Lightbulb SunStudio Albums // 2000Lightbulb Sun is the sixth studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released in May 2000. This album, along with their prior album Stupid Dream, is considered to have a more commercial, poppier sound, as opposed to the abstract instrumental sound of their prior albums, or the heavier metal sound in their subsequent albums of the 2000s.Buy … Read More

Stupid Dream


Stupid DreamStudio AlbumsStupid Dream is the fifth studio album by Porcupine Tree. Steven Wilson said the album deals with his own personal “insecurities and feelings” and “the usual singer-songwriter stuff” because he believed the most relatable and affecting lyrics were from a personal point of view.“When I was writing some of the songs of the album I was very much … Read More



SignifyStudio AlbumsSignify is the fourth studio album by Porcupine Tree, released in September 1996. It was the first Porcupine Tree album that frontman Steven Wilson recorded with the band on board from the beginning; previous albums had been essentially solo efforts with occasional help from other musicians.“Signify was slightly odd in the way it was recorded in the sense that … Read More

The Sky Moves Sideways


The Sky Moves SidewaysStudio AlbumsThe Sky Moves Sideways is the third studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released in January 1995. The Sky Moves Sideways has been compared to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here because of their similar structure; both albums have extended pieces at the beginning and end, which are the halves of a single song.The Sky Moves … Read More

Up The Downstair


Up The DownstairStudio AlbumsUp the Downstair is the second studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released in June 1993. It was originally intended to be a double album set including the song “Voyage 34”, which was instead released as a single in 1992, and other material that ended up on the Staircase Infinities EP (1994). In 2005, it was partially … Read More