Up The Downstair

Up the Downstair is the second studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released in June 1993. It was originally intended to be a double album set including the song “Voyage 34”, which was instead released as a single in 1992, and other material that ended up on the Staircase Infinities EP (1994).
In 2005, it was partially re-recorded, fully re-mixed, remastered and re-released along with the Staircase Infinities EP as a double album. The re-release contains a new mix by Steven Wilson, along with recorded drums by Gavin Harrison that replace the electronic drums of the original version. Steven Wilson has stated that the title of the album came from a line in the song “Voyage 34.”
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Up The Downstair Tracklist

1. What You Are Listening To... (0:58)
2. Synesthesia (5:11)
3. Monuments Burn into Moments (0:20)
4. Always Never (6:58)
5. Up the Downstair (10:00)
6. Not Beautiful Anymore (3:26)
7. Siren (0:52)
8. Small Fish (2:43)
9. Burning Sky (11:06)
10. Fadeaway (6:20)

Up The Downstair Credits

Steven Wilson – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming, songwriting, production

Colin Edwin – Bass guitar on “Always Never”
Richard Barbieri – Electronics on “Up the Downstair”
Suzanne J. Barbieri – Vocals on “Up the Downstair”
Gavin Harrison – Drums (Disc 1 2004 edition only)
Alan Duffy – co-songwriting on “Always Never”, “Small Fish”, “Fadeaway” & “The Joke’s on You”

"And time stopped in the silence, to watch the burning sky"