Octane Twisted

Octane Twisted features Porcupine Tree’s The Incident album performed in its entirety in Chicago. The album additionally contains 5 classic PT tracks also recorded in Chicago, along with 3 highlights from the band's landmark show at Royal Albert Hall.
Originally released as a  2CD/DVD set in 2012, Octane Twisted was also released for the first time across 7 sides of vinyl in a 4LP box set with an etching on side 8 by designer Carl Glover in 2021.
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“Octane Twisted really captures the atmosphere and energy of a Porcupine Tree live concert experience. Recorded at a time when the band had the set well 'played in', you can hear the interaction between the band members as well as the audience as they navigate their way through The Incident and many other older songs too.” - Gavin Harrison