Coma Divine

Coma Divine is a live album by Porcupine Tree, first released in October, 1997. The band recorded three shows at the Frontiera in Rome (on 25, 26 and 27 March 1997) for the purpose of this release; however, only recordings from the 2nd and 3rd night were used, as the recordings from the first concert were flawed with technical problems. A vast amount of material had been performed during the shows, but the band eventually decided to release only the best performances on a single CD.

While later the album was reissued as a double CD featuring an extra 25 minutes of music, there are still other unreleased performances from the show. Several of these recordings were later released on the 2020 EP Coma: Coda (Rome 1997), made available through the official Porcupine Tree Bandcamp page.

Although essentially a live record, Coma Divine features studio overdubs of the vocals, as the original takes were too poor both in terms of performance and the quality of recording.

Coma Divine Tracklist

1. Bornlivedieintro (1:25)
2. Signify (5:29)
3. Waiting Phase One (4:26)
4. Waiting Phase Two (5:23)
5. The Sky Moves Sideways (12:40)
6. Dislocated Day (6:35)
7. The Sleep of No Dreaming (5:19)
8. Moonloop (11:50)

1. Up the Downstair (7:40)
2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder (5:05)
3. Always Never (5:41)
4. Is. . . Not (6:09)
5. Radioactive Toy (15:26)
6. Not Beautiful Anymore (9:43)

Coma Divine Credits

Steven Wilson - guitars, vocals
Richard Barbieri - synthesizers
Colin Edwin - bass guitar
Chris Maitland - drums, percussion, harmony vocals