July 2003 Lava Records

Strip The Soul - edit (4:30) Edited version of In Absentia album track Orchidia (3:27) 2003 band recording. Commercially unavailable (mp3 available on PT website). Futile (6:06) May 2003 new recording. Commercially unavailable. Drown With Me (5.24) Previously issued on In Absentia European edition bonus CD. Interview with Steven Wilson (11:14) Interview with Joe Del Tufo May 2003 Hatesong - live (8:40) Recorded live in Philadelphia, 26 Jul 2002 (previously available as an mp3 download from PT website) Blackest Eyes - live at XM radio (4.26) Taken from XM CD Death Whispered A Lullaby (5:49) Taken from Opeth "Damnation" CD - track co-written and produced by SW Steven Wilson Generic Station ID (0.09)

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