Love Death and Mussolini

1990 (private cassette) deleted


  1. Hymn (1:22)
  2. Footprints (5:56)
  3. Linton Samuel Dawson (3:04)
  4. And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun (4:12)
  5. Queen Quotes Crowley (4:40)


  1. No Luck With Rabbits (0:47)
  2. Begonia Seduction Scene (2:34)
  3. Out (8:59)
  4. It Will Rain for a Million Years (4:05)

40 minute tape - private pressing of only 10 copies. Contains 7 tracks later to appear on "The Nostalgia Factory", plus "Out" (later included on the vinyl edition of "Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape") and the elsewhere unavailable "It Will Rain for a Million Years" (a completely different track to the one with the same title included on "On the Sunday of Life...")

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