July 2006 PT Download Store PTDWNLD 001

Disc A

  1. Intro
  2. Open Car
  3. Blackest Eyes
  4. Lazarus
  5. Futile
  6. Mellotron Scratch
  7. Mother and Child Divided
  8. .3
  9. So Called Friend

Disc B

  1. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
  2. The Sound of Muzak
  3. Start of Something Beautiful
  4. Halo
  5. Radioactive Toy
  6. Trains

A 2 CD length set containing a complete recording of the band's appearance on the legendary German TV show Rockpalast on the 19th November 2005, including several pieces that were not included in the broadcast. Beautifully recorded by WDR, and later remixed by SW at No Man's Land.

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