Community Links

Porcupine Tree at

The website of Porcupine Tree leader Steven Wilson. As well as containing up to date news and a detailed discography, the site also covers all of Steven's other projects and collaborative work

Gavin Harrison
Website of PT's drummer. Includes information on Gavin's drum instruction DVDs.

Richard Barbieri
Website of PT's keyboard player

Colin Edwin
Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin's website, links to his other projects and his regularly updated blog.

Ex-Wise Heads
Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin's ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Geoff Leigh (Ex-Henry Cow).

Metallic Taste of Blood
Colin Edwin's intense and genre-defying collaboration with Eraldo Bernocchi, also featuring drummer Balazs Pandi and keyboard player Jamie Saft.

Complete SW discography
A comprehensive SW discography running to over 200 pages in pdf format compiled by Uwe Haeberle.
Includes every known release that SW has been involved in, along with cover scans, track listings and notes.

Webpage and song samples dedicated to the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson and Israeli songwriter Aviv Geffen.

Official site for Steven Wilson's other major project

Lasse Hoile
Website of the filmmaker and photographer responsible for PT's cover art, videos and live visuals.

Chris Maitland
Website of Porcupine Tree's original drummer.Features video clips of him playing with the band.

John Wesley
The gifted US guitarist and singer-songwriter is Porcupine Tree's extra touring member.

Carbon Nation
UK based independent PT fanzine

The site archives of all Porcupine Tree's set lists since 2008 (includes Blackfield and the upcoming SW solo tour).

Chemical Harvest - Porcupine Tree Site Francais
The French language Porcupine Tree site

SWST France
French Steven Wilson street team site

Japanese SW site
Up-to-date news on PT and SW in Japanese.

Snapper Music
PT's record label from 1999-2001. Also now handle the Delerium catalogue 1991-97

Voyage PT - This Trip IS Really Necessary!
German Porcupine Tree site with news, PT Weeds and the biggest PT related Link section on the internet

The Tree
German Porcupine Tree fanzine

Italian language website with free email and subdomain forwarding for all fans

Italian website

Planet Porcupine Tree
New Italian-language site celebrating the band

Another Italian site in English / Italian offering forums, news, photos, reviews etc

Greek website (in both English and Greek)

Porcupine Tree BR
A Brazilian fan site

A new site from Chile for Spanish speaking PT fans

PT Argentina
An Argentinian fan site

Stupid Dream
Great Lebanese Fansite, containing Full Discography, Lyrics, Wallpaper, Winamp skins, Images...

Tinto Brass
Website for the Israeli PT Appreciation Society (in Hebrew and English)

Cure For Optimism
Polish website

A Confession
NO-MAN appreciation site

Friends and Collaborators

Inventive and powerful UK band that opened for Porcupine Tree for many shows during their European tours in 2005.

The atmospheric Swedish band that blend post rock / jazz / progressive / trip hop and melancholia into a unique blend. They opened for PT during 2005 and SW also worked with them on their second album.

Anja Garbarek
Norwegian singer songwriter. SW co-produced her "Smiling and Waving" LP.

Swedish progressive metal group par excellence. SW co-produced their "Blackwater Park" LP.

Many connections between this (still) ambitious rock band and Porcupine Tree.

Dream Theater
The originators of progressive metal - PT supported them on their Autumn 2000 tour.

Aviv Geffen
Israeli singer songwriter and peace crusader. SW has written and recorded with Aviv in the Blackfield project.

Epic metal with similarities in feel to PT. Have opened for PT several times.

Sonic Youth
Unbelievably influential US avant rock group whom PT supported in London (and didn't quite get bottled off!)

Influences and Affinities - If you like Porcupine Tree...

The most important band in the mainstream at present, combining songs and experiment to great effect.

After Radiohead the most well known experimental rock band active in the world today, but with the emphasis on metal.

Nine Inch Nails
Their (his) 1999 double CD "The Fragile" was a big influence on PT for it's ambition and production.

King Crimson
The original progressive rock band, still searching, still progressing....

Jeff Buckley
The greatest singer of his generation ?

The Mars Volta
Truly contemporary 21st Century progressive rock - ambitious, fresh and stylish.

Ex-XTC member dave Gregory worked on Lightbulb Sun. One of SW's favourite bands.

The Beach Boys
Their work from 1965-73 was one of the biggest influences on PT's harmony vocal arrangements.

SW's favourite metal group. Unbelievable musicianship and complexity, but also very extreme.

Excellent Swedish group - great rock songs with powerful emotive vocals.

Chroma Key
Ex Dream Theater's Kevin Moore. Intelligent, textural pop music.